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What is Honors?

The University Honors Program dares its dynamic, ambitious, creative students to know and learn as much as they can at Utah State University. The Program offers the following benefits to students:

First-year interdisciplinary Honors seminars that explore global issues and satisfy USU’s General Education Breadth requirements
Co-curricular activities and special access to visiting speakers and performers, privileges that place Honors students at the heart of USU’s intellectual community
Interdisciplinary “Think Tank” seminars that seek practical, creative solutions to real local problems and satisfy USU’s General Education Depth requirements
Practical applications of academic learning, through internships, study abroad, research, grant writing, scholarly or creative presentations, and service projects
Professional development activities, including training in application writing, social mixers with USU faculty, mentoring for fellowship candidates, internship preparation, and leadership opportunities
Special Transcript Designations for University Honors, Service-Learning Scholars, Global Engagement Scholars, and Undergraduate Research, options that students may combine
Capstone or thesis projects that set students apart professionally by giving them concrete products showcasing their academic experiences
Membership in a community of Honors students, faculty, and alumni who are now – or will soon be – leaders in their fields

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